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    Welcome to my little website.  When I was a newly ordained priest, my first pastor gave me a full page in the parish bulletin to fill each week.  He told me he did not care what I wrote about as long as I filled the page.  He explained that only 1/3 of the parish would hear me preach on any given Sunday because I celebrated two out of six parish Masses but every parishioner would read the bulletin so this was a way that I could reachout to them and they could get to know me better. After four years in the parish, I was transferred to another parish and as I was leaving many people asked me to send them my weekly bulletin column by e-mail and thus my internet ministry was born.  

    When I was trying to decide what to write about in my weekly bulletin article, I came across a quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen that went something like "There are not a hundred people in the world who hate the Catholic Church for what we teach but there are thousands who hate the Catholic Church for what they think we teach."  With that quote in mind, I began to choose oen topic a month to explain more indepth the Church's teaching on those issues.  From those mustardseeds has blossomed this website filled with infomation about the Catholic faith that I find interesting and informative.  I invite you to take your time and explore the different teachings and reflections.  I hope above all that these things will ultimately lead you closer to God.
    Thank you and God bless,
    Fr. Thomas M. Pastorius

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    Personal Penance Services
    This book is designed for Catholics who wish to be better prepared to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The book contains Scripture passages to meditate on and examinations of consciences to help prepare one to better confess his or her sins.

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    Stations of the Cross For Priests
    This book allows a Catholic priest to travel with our Lord to Calvary in a special way as he also ponders his own ministry and experiences as a Catholic priest.

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    • January 22
      Another reason, people leave the Church is that they have come to the conclusion that they know better than the Church and thus better than God.  They see religion as something that only foolish and superstitious would dive into.  These people like to dissect religions and focus on the negative instead of the positive.
    • January 15
      As I continuing sharing my thoughts with you I pray and hope that they will help you develop a deeper faith life.
    • January 8
      As I continue to share with you from my reflection called “Where is the Faith?” I invite you to examine your hearts to find the areas of faith that you need to strengthen.   May we all be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  
    • January 1
                      As we begin a new year, I would like to share a reflection with you that I wrote last year during a time of prayer and titled “Where is the Faith?”  I hope that it will inspire you to appreciate and take your Catholic faith a little more serious this year.
    • December 25
      Let us continue with our reflections on being open to receive the gift of faith. 6. Know the Difference between Magic and Miracle One of the biggest mistakes that people who are trying to grow in faith often make is that they turn faith into witchcraft. Faith, as stated before, is about entering into a relationship with a Divine Being. Witchcraft or magic on the other hand is about controlling the divine. It has an internal logic that goes something like this: if I do “A”, “B”, and “C” then God will have to respond by doing “D”. For example, a person may go to Mass each week, perform many hours of service, and other religious acts may believe that God must make their life easier or remove any hardship from their lives.
    • December 20
    • December 18
      Let us continue with our reflections on being open to receive the gift of faith. 2.            God’s Time                 I am a big fan of shopping online.  The only drawback as far as I am concern is that I have to wait for the package to be delivered and the delivery driver will only tell me that he or she will be coming between this time to this time.  Knowing this I must wait for the package to arrive to accept it or risk the delivery driver coming while I am not present and taking the package back with him or her.  God in many ways is like the delivery
    • December 17